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Whack Your Boss

"Whack Your Boss" - The most popular online flash game about furious employee and annoying boss. Remember, each of us was in situation where not everything was going as it should in personal life: no large enough salary added to a lot of different problems and you have no idea how to solve all of them, in a word everything goes in a pretty irritating way. And then one day you come to work, sit in your office chair trying to focus on your work but you can`t and then as always comes your boss to express his dissatisfaction with your work, saying that you are not doing anything you are paid for, threatening to cut the salary. Rather usual situation, isn`t it? Dissatisfied chief is the last thing you wanted to be added to your problems. You lose control and go beyond the limit, only one thought in head - "kill." Game Whack Your Boss gives you the opportunity to let the steam off. You will enjoy and get maximum relaxation with this amazingly interesting game, plus you will get nothing for it. Arrange yourself an emotional discharge - find 20 ways to express your anger over this miserable and worthless person. Almost any object in the virtual office can serve as an instrument of righteous anger: pencils, rulers, golf clubs, keyboard, monitor, stapler, bins, clocks and lots of other items. Do not be afraid to experiment in as it all depends on how much you dislike your boss. The game gives you a chance to break the wall with annoying boss or tie him to a chair, give a fast ride across the office and then throw him out of the window. You have as many as 17 ways to take revenge over your boss. We wish you good luck in the fair trial over this mean boss.

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